Wednesday, 5 April 2017

my nevous peom

with news of moving to chch,
it start to freak out
go crazy
I start to miss my friend even more even
tho i haven't moved
i just to get sadder
i tell my friends that i'm leaving,
i tell fern that i will come back and visit her.
I shut down
get sad My mind wakes up in shock

and get told even more crazier stuff
“we might be moving in a month” says my mum
I start to hang with my friends
and have more sleepovers,
my mind blurs
and finds out i'm moving in
with one of my friends in chch and
have to leave my dog behind
before we get a house

that we can live in ourselves

Friday, 24 March 2017

decimal numbers

My decimal D.L.O
In room one we had to make a D.L.O about decimals because we are learning to uderstand and explain decimals